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                    Outpatient Groups
                    The Bridge - Apt. 417
                    A basic living skills group series, designed for our clients to "fill the gaps for                     a better you." Life coaching sessions are separated into age groups so topics                     are age-appropriate.  Teens can focus on transitioning from family living to                       independent living, dating skills, positive police interactions, and navigating                     social media.  Adult sessions focus on living as independently as possible on                                                                                                         limited income, medication management, and accessing community                                                                                                                       services.

Other Outpatient Services


The Outpatient Clinics are designed to provide a wide array of clinical services to children / adolescents who exhibit severe emotional disturbance and adults who exhibit serious mental illness.  Treatment efforts are designed to prevent hospitalization and to maximize the probability of staying in the community.  Clients are assured access to counselors / therapists and nurses, evaluation and monitoring by a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, emergency services as needed, and referral to / coordination with numerous community services.

CHILDREN / ADOLESCENTS CLINIC: To be eligible, the young person must be 17 years of age or younger, must have a DSM-5 diagnosis, must exhibit functional impairments and / or be at risk of of out-of-home placement, or already be separated from his / her family.

ADULTS CLINIC: To be eligible, the individual must be at least 18 years of age, must have a serious mental illness as defined by the Alabama Department of Mental Health, and be at risk of needing inpatient care without outpatient intervention.

Adult Intensive Day Treatment


Provides intermediate level services designed to link acute treatment and less intensive services, with the goals of enhancing community living skills and integration, increasing level of functioning, and boosting socialization skills.

Pharmacy Services



WMHC staff assist clients who do not have insurance apply for medications provided by various pharmaceutical manufacturers.


On a very limited basis and under special circumstances, WMHC subsidizes medications for clients who are unable to obtain them by any other means.

Emergency Services

24 / 7

WMHC staff provide emergency crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  By telephone only after office hours and weekends.

Consultation & Education

Integrated Care

Individual and program focused efforts available to assist other service providers (particularly doctors and physicians) and agencies in the provision of services to our clients, families, and communities.  Endeavors to educate and increase public awareness of mental health issues.